About the Acton Quarry

Current operations, footprint and lifespan

The Acton Quarry was established in the early 1900s, and has been an important contributor to the local economy and society for over 100 years. In 2001 Dufferin Aggregates acquired the property, and significantly reformed operations and neighbour relations.

The Quarry is located in Halton Region's amalgamated town of Halton Hills, between the communities of Acton and Limehouse. The 160 hectares (400 acres) of licensed lands are surrounded by agricultural, rural residential, conservation and recreational land uses.

Annually the Acton Quarry produces over 3 million tonnes of aggregate. Because of its proximity to the local market for high quality crushed stone it is able to significantly limit the production of greenhouse gases and the consumption of fossil fuels. Since 60% of the cost of crushed stone is transportation, local consumers and tax payers benefit from our strategic location. Every extra kilometre of roadway added to the delivery of crushed stone increases annual greenhouse gases by 3,500 tonnes and consumes an additional 2 million litres of fossil fuel.

Aggregates are literally the "foundation" of our economy and society. Our business is built on efficiently and profitably supplying high quality crushed stone to the local market. The Acton Quarry is a very important resource for the local and regional economy.

Map of Acton Quarry Site

Who is Dufferin Aggregates?

Dufferin Aggregates is a major supplier of construction aggregates. We operate 22 pits, quarries and distribution yards within the Greater Toronto area and adjacent municipalities.

Dufferin Aggregates produces over 12 million tonnes per year of crushed stone, gravel and sand for the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors, as well as for civil engineering work. We also supply aggregates to sister companies, Dufferin Concrete, Dufferin Concrete/Boehmers, and Dufferin Construction.

The stone processed into a granular material is sold to construction companies and building contractors as essential elements forming the bases of highways, roads and sidewalks. They are also used in sewer and water main construction, or for building footings and foundations, as well as in the manufacturing of concrete, and concrete and asphalt products.

Dufferin Aggregates supplied high quality aggregates for many major GTA construction projects, including the construction of Highway 407 and the recent upgrades to the Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

Dufferin Aggregates is part of the Holcim Group of companies. The Group operates in more than 70 countries on all continents, and employs some 90,000 people. www.holcim.com

Holcim is a leading producer and supplier of products and services to the construction industry. Our Ontario aggregate operation, which owns and runs the Acton Quarry, is called Dufferin Aggregates.

How a quarry works 
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